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                                                   PHOTO GALLERY

             TENNESSEE HOME REPAIR                                       SCRAPING AND PAINTING                                    A WHOLE NEW FACELIFT

          DONNIE & TEAM MEMBER IN HAITI                          BUILDING NEW CHURCH PEWS                            SCHOOL CHILDREN IN HAITI

   DONNIE MEETZE, FOUNDER & DIRECTOR                        MISSIONS TEAM IN HAITI                                   READY TO GO HAITIAN STYLE

         TENNESSEE BAPTISM GATHERING                                    PASTOR DONNIE                                              TENNESSEE RIVER BAPTISM

                NURSING HOME MINISTRY                            OVERLOOKING PORT AU PRINCE, HAITI                           HAITI WATER BAPTISM

                  VBS TEACHING IN HAITI                                        SOCCER IS LOVED IN HAITI                        REPACKAGING RICE FOR DISTRIBUTION

         AETA CHILDRENS HOME COMPOUND                      AETA SCHOOL & ORPHANAGE                            ICE CREAM DAY AT AETA SCHOOL

                     AETA SCHOOL CHILDREN                                       PRECIOUS MOMENTS                                 AETA CHILDREN ON JEEPNEY

                    AETA VILLAGE CHURCH                                         STANDING ROOM ONLY                                  AETA CHURCH MEMBERS

            FOOD DISTRIBUTION AT AETA CHURCH                          AETA SCHOOL YOUTH                         TEAM TEACHING CHARACTER LESSON